Mark Kolb, Brainy Games.

I publish and create my own handmade or laser-cut family games for home and school.

I received an Ontario 150 grant to create historical scavenger hunts and now have close to 500 secrets hidden in plain sight in Newmarket, Aurora and Richmond Hill.

I can show you how games can help get traffic into your store or help your staff through team building.

My Connection games now include a new Canada 150 edition.

I can also take your photograph and turn it into a unique gift in the form of a laser-cut wooden puzzle.

Mark Kolb, merchant of fun.

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Contact Mark at 416-726-4338
Map - north,44,0,23.328;west,79,27,1.426 - 44.00648:-79.450396111111
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My single point of contact for Personal Data and Projects.Mark Kolb - .TEL expert. Provider of free tools and services to the .TEL community since 2009. Creator of Shop Local Games for interactive community engagement.
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