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Mark Kolb - .TEL expert. Provider of free tools and services to the .TEL community since 2009. Creator of Shop Local Games for interactive community engagement.

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Hidden Secrets - a community mystery
The Connections Card Game - Connecting People and Words
York Region Festival Trail Passport - win a trip to China - local awareness game
Canada 150 Events - a chronological game of Canada in pictures
NEWS FLASH! Recently sold CANVAS.ME to for new website creator.
.TEL Solutions for low-cost mobile-friendly websites
Have fun decoding these
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Tools for .TEL owners
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My Wireless Name Profile
The Internet of Things Explained (Powerpoint)
UbiNames - get your wireless name for the IOT
My IOT Wireless Profile
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Shop Local Games for Chambers, BIA's, Individual Merchants
My Handmade Coasters
My Handmade Magnets
Handmade Slate Keyholders
Lost Letters Word Puzzle Book
Lost Letters Word Puzzle Book
Lost Letters Word Game Book - written by Mark Kolb
An Uplifting Game
Quadzzles - Unique Word Puzzles
Magnetic Games and Magnets

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